"The Pup's Groove Guide" - A Step-by-Step Line Dance Tutorial with Adia Nuno and Glenn Ball


Adia Nuno, a renowned choreographer, and Glenn Ball, a professional dancer, have collaborated to create a line dance tutorial for the popular song "That Dog'll Hunt." The tutorial aims to teach individuals how to perform this specific line dance, guiding them through the steps and movements required.

Line dancing is a popular social activity that involves a group of people performing a choreographed dance routine together. It is often done in a straight line or in semi-circles, with participants following specific steps and movements in sync with the music.

In this tutorial, Nuno and Ball break down the "That Dog'll Hunt" line dance into easy-to-follow steps. They demonstrate each step slowly and clearly, allowing viewers to grasp the movements easily. They also offer verbal instructions and tips to help dancers understand and execute the dance routine accurately.