"Booty Anthem" - An Electrifying ProShow Performance by Ben Morris & Victoria Henk at Budafest 2022


Ben Morris and Victoria Henk performed their dance routine to the hit song "Thong Song" at Budafest 2022. The performance was a part of the ProShow segment of the event.

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk took the stage at Budafest 2022 to showcase their impressive dance skills. The duo chose the popular song "Thong Song" as the soundtrack to their performance, adding an extra level of energy and fun to the routine.

The ProShow segment of Budafest is known for featuring talented dancers and performers from around the world. Ben Morris and Victoria Henk did not disappoint, wowing the audience with their incredible moves and synchronization.


The choice of "Thong Song" for their performance was a clever one. The song, originally released by Sisqó in 1999, became a massive hit back in the day and continues to be a popular choice for dancers. Its catchy beat and infectious rhythm make it the perfect soundtrack for a dynamic dance routine.

Throughout their performance, Ben Morris and Victoria Henk showcased their impeccable technique and remarkable chemistry. Their precision and coordination were evident in every move, captivating the audience and earning them well-deserved applause.


The duo's routine was a mix of intricate footwork, spins, and lifts, all perfectly timed to the music. Their presentation was filled with high energy and excitement, with both dancers displaying their individual styles while maintaining a seamless connection.

Ben Morris and Victoria Henk's performance at Budafest 2022 highlighted their talent and expertise in Latin dance. Their passion for their craft was evident in every step, as they effortlessly glided across the stage, commanding the audience's attention.

The ProShow segment of Budafest is a platform for dancers to showcase their skills and share their love for dance with a global audience. Ben Morris and Victoria Henk took full advantage of this opportunity, leaving a lasting impression with their captivating performance.

Overall, Ben Morris and Victoria Henk's dance routine to "Thong Song" at Budafest 2022 was a standout moment of the event. Their talent, charisma, and exceptional choreography left the audience in awe, making it a performance to remember.