Victorious Duo at Chicago Classic 2019 Jack & Jill: Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross


Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross emerged as the champions of the Chicago Classic 2019 Jack & Jill competition. The event, which took place recently, showcased the talent and skill of these exceptional dancers.

The Chicago Classic is an annual swing dance event that attracts dancers from all over the world. Swing dance, a popular form of partner dance originated in the 1920s, incorporates various styles such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag. The Jack & Jill competition is a unique format within the event, where partners are randomly assigned, and participants have to showcase their ability to dance with different partners.


Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross proved themselves to be the best in the competition, dazzling the judges and the audience with their exceptional performances. Throughout their routines, they exhibited an incredible connection, precise footwork, and a deep understanding of the music. Their energy on the dance floor was captivating, and they managed to effortlessly synchronize their movements, making them stand out from the rest of the competitors.

The Chicago Classic 2019 Jack & Jill competition was highly competitive, with participants from various backgrounds and skill levels. The dancers had to demonstrate their ability to adapt and connect with a partner they had never danced with before.


This requires strong lead and follow skills, as well as the ability to quickly adjust to their partner's style and preferences.

Both Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross have been prominent figures in the swing dance community for years. Ben is known for his smooth style, technical precision, and creativity on the dance floor. Cameo, on the other hand, is admired for her effortless grace, musicality, and ability to inject her unique personality into her performances.

Their victory at the Chicago Classic further solidifies their reputation as exceptional dancers. They have proven that they not only possess incredible individual skills but also have the ability to create magic on the dance floor when partnered together.


Their chemistry and synchronization make them the ideal couple to watch and learn from in the world of swing dance.

The Chicago Classic 2019 Jack & Jill competition showcased the immense talent and dedication of swing dance enthusiasts. It brought together dancers from different parts of the world who shared a common love and appreciation for this art form. The event provided a platform for dancers to not only compete but also learn from each other and grow as individuals.

Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross's win at the Chicago Classic 2019 Jack & Jill competition is truly well-deserved. Their performances were filled with passion, skill, and pure joy, leaving a lasting impression on all those who witnessed them. Their mastery of the dance and their ability to connect with each partner they danced with sets them apart and cements their position as true champions of the Chicago Classic.