László Tárkányi & Exenia Rocco - Nordic WCS Championships 2023 All-Stars Jack&Jill Finals


The All-Stars Jack & Jill Finals at the Nordic WCS Championships in 2023 will feature the talented duo of László Tárkányi and Exenia Rocco. These two exceptional dancers have been selected to compete in this prestigious event, showcasing their skills and creativity in the realm of West Coast Swing.

László Tárkányi and Exenia Rocco have established themselves as top performers in the world of West Coast Swing. Both dancers bring their own unique style and flair to the dance floor, captivating audiences with their passion and technique.

The Nordic WCS Championships in 2023 will provide a platform for these outstanding dancers to showcase their abilities. The Jack & Jill competition format adds an exciting element to the event, as dancers are randomly paired with different partners, testing their adaptability and partnership skills.