Semion Ovsiannikov & Maria Elisarova: ProShow Extravaganza at Budafest 2020 West Coast Swing


Semion Ovsiannikov and Maria Elisarova, professional dancers and instructors of West Coast Swing, recently showcased their talent at Budafest 2020. The event, held in Budapest, Hungary, brought together dance enthusiasts from across the globe.

Semion and Maria, renowned for their expertise in West Coast Swing, amazed the audience with their captivating performance. The duo showcased various intricate moves and smooth transitions, displaying their remarkable technical skills and artistic finesse. Their choreography was met with applause and admiration from the crowd.

Budafest 2020 provided an ideal platform for Semion and Maria to share their passion for West Coast Swing. As experienced instructors, they also conducted workshops and taught participants different techniques and styles associated with this popular dance form.