Steph Curry's Epic Reply to Skylar Diggins-Smith's "NIGHT NIGHT" Gesture Sends Waves in #WNBA Game


Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry had a victorious response to Dallas Wings' Skylar Diggins-Smith's "Night Night" sign during their recent win. During the game, Diggins-Smith held up a sign that read "Night Night" to taunt the opposing team, suggesting that they were about to lose.

Curry, known for his incredible shooting and clutch performances, saw the sign and took it in stride. After leading his team to victory, Curry responded to Diggins-Smith's taunt by saying, "Night Night," indicating that it was now her team's time to go to sleep.


The incident took place during a recent WNBA game between the Dallas Wings and the Golden State Warriors. Diggins-Smith, who plays for the Wings, attempted to rally her team by holding up the sign. However, Curry and the Warriors were undeterred and ultimately came out on top.

The "Night Night" sign from Diggins-Smith was a bold move, attempting to assert her team's dominance. However, Curry's response showed that he was unfazed and ready for the challenge.

In the world of professional sports, these types of interactions are part of the excitement and spectacle surrounding the games. Players showcase their skills, engage in friendly banter, and occasionally engage in some playful trash-talking. It adds an extra layer of intensity and passion to the games, captivating fans and making the sport even more thrilling.