Hollingshed's Facepalm Sparks a Fiery Ball Exchange in Stanford vs Colorado, Pac-12 Tournament


In the #2 Stanford vs Colorado match at the Pac-12 Tourney, Hollingshed's frustration reached its peak causing her to inadvertently hit Brink.

During the game, tensions appeared to be running high as both teams were vying for a win. Hollingshed's frustration seemed to reach a boiling point as Brink inadvertently committed a foul or made a mistake. Unable to contain her anger, Hollingshed reacted by facepalming, an action where one slaps their own forehead in frustration.

However, instead of bottling up her emotions, Hollingshed took it a step further and released her frustration by firing the ball at Brink. It is unclear whether this action was intentional or purely a result of Hollingshed's heated reaction. This unexpected move caught Brink off guard, leaving her surprised and likely confused.