Stanford's Side-Splitting Sideline Spectacle: Hysterical Bench Response to Belibi's Jaw-Dropping Jam in NCAAW!


In a recent NCAAW March Madness tournament game, Stanford University's bench had a hilarious reaction to Fran Belibi's impressive slam dunk during the first round. The moment quickly went viral, captivating viewers and generating widespread amusement.

Stanford's Fran Belibi is known for her incredible dunks, and in this particular game, she did not disappoint. With her team in a commanding lead against the University of Utah, Belibi seized an opportunity and soared above the rim, executing a powerful slam dunk. The energy in the stadium instantly escalated as fans erupted in cheers and applause.

However, it was the reaction of Stanford's bench that stole the show. As Belibi's dunk unfolded, her teammates on the sidelines jumped to their feet, their mouths agape in awe. Their expressions ranged from disbelief to sheer excitement, and their enthusiastic gestures and reactions were priceless.