Tense Altercation Erupts as Taurasi Falls Three Times in Late 4th Quarter Clash with McCowan


In a fiery late-game moment, Diana Taurasi and Teaira McCowan engaged in a heated exchange after Taurasi had her legs taken out from under her three times in quick succession during the fourth quarter. The incident occurred during a game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Indiana Fever.

The altercation between the two players began when Taurasi was knocked down by McCowan, a 6'7" center for the Fever. Taurasi, a highly respected veteran and a leading scorer for the Mercury, took exception to the rough play. After the first incident, Taurasi confronted McCowan, expressing her displeasure with the physicality of the game.


Undeterred, McCowan continued her aggressive play and caused Taurasi to fall two more times in the same quarter. Frustrated by the lack of intervention from the referees, Taurasi approached McCowan again, and this time the confrontation escalated. 

Witnesses described the scene as intense, with both players clearly frustrated and emotional. It was clear that Taurasi had reached her breaking point after being on the receiving end of multiple physical plays from McCowan. 

This incident highlights the tensions that can arise in a highly competitive sporting environment. It also brings attention to the need for fairness and player safety, as physical play can sometimes escalate to dangerous levels.