Swingin' Moves: Matthias & Regina's Electrifying Boogie Woogie Performance at RTSF 2013


In 2013, a couple named Matthias and Regina performed a Boogie Woogie showcase at the RTSF (Rock That Swing Festival) event. The duo captivated the audience with their exceptional dance skills and showcased the beauty of the Boogie Woogie style.

Matthias and Regina, who hail from Germany, were highly regarded in the Boogie Woogie dance community. They had participated and won several prestigious competitions and were known for their innovative and energetic performances.

The RTSF event was the perfect platform for Matthias and Regina to showcase their talent. Boogie Woogie, a swing dance style that originated in the United States in the late 1920s, emphasizes fast footwork and acrobatic movements.


It is often danced to up-tempo music, characterized by its infectious rhythm and lively melodies.

The couple's performance began with a mesmerizing introduction, where they displayed their seamless connection and synchronicity. They moved effortlessly across the dance floor, effortlessly executing challenging moves and spins. Their skillful footwork and intricate foot patterns were a sight to behold.

Throughout the showcase, Matthias and Regina displayed their versatility and creativity by incorporating various techniques and styles. They effortlessly transitioned between fast-paced sequences and smooth, flowing movements, demonstrating their mastery of the dance form.


The couple's chemistry was evident in their performance, as they perfectly complemented each other's movements. Their synchronization and connection were key factors in creating a captivating and entertaining showcase for the audience.

In addition to their technical skills, Matthias and Regina also showcased their showmanship and stage presence. They engaged the audience with their vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm, creating an electric atmosphere in the room.

The highlight of their performance was a breathtaking aerial move, where Regina was lifted high in the air and effortlessly spun around by Matthias.


The audience gasped in awe as they witnessed this impressive display of strength and trust between the couple.

Overall, Matthias and Regina's Boogie Woogie showcase at the RTSF event was a spectacular and unforgettable performance. They showcased their exceptional dance skills, creativity, and chemistry, leaving the audience in awe. Their love for the dance form was evident, and it was a true testament to the beauty and joy of Boogie Woogie.