The Magnificent Duo: Victors of the Chicago Classic's 2018 Jack & Jill Competition


In the Chicago Classic 2018 competition, Matt Auclair and Flore Merlier Berne emerged victorious in the Jack & Jill category. The event was a great success and witnessed a thrilling display of talent and skill from the participants.

Matt Auclair and Flore Merlier Berne showcased their exceptional dancing abilities in the Jack & Jill event. The competition involved pairs of dancers being randomly selected and paired up to perform together. The aim was to demonstrate their ability to adapt to different partners and dance styles, making it a true test of skill and versatility.

Throughout the competition, Matt and Flore demonstrated their impeccable timing, musicality, and creativity on the dance floor. Their chemistry was evident as they smoothly transitioned between various dance styles, including West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and Blues dancing.


The Chicago Classic 2018 championship was no easy feat to achieve, as the event drew participants from all over the world. Competitors displayed their flair and passion for dance, showcasing a diverse range of styles and techniques.

The victory in the Jack & Jill event is a significant accomplishment for Matt Auclair and Flore Merlier Berne. It is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and undeniable talent in the world of dance. The win adds to their growing list of achievements and solidifies their status as elite dancers in the community.

The Chicago Classic 2018 competition was organized impeccably, providing a platform for dancers to come together and celebrate their shared love for dance. The event facilitated an incredible environment for participants to learn, grow, and connect with fellow dancers from various backgrounds.


The competition included workshops, social dances, and performances, providing dancers with the opportunity to further enhance their skills and expand their knowledge. The energy and enthusiasm throughout the event were contagious, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie.

Overall, the Chicago Classic 2018 championship was a resounding success. The event showcased the incredible talent and passion of the participating dancers and provided a platform for them to shine. Matt Auclair and Flore Merlier Berne's victory in the Jack & Jill category exemplifies their exceptional dance skills and further solidifies their position as esteemed dancers in the dance community.