The Winter Dance-Off 2014: Duel of Elegance - Nicholas & Mikaela


The Snowball 2014 - Invitational Strictly - Nicholas & Mikaela

The Snowball 2014 Invitational Strictly Ballroom Dance Competition featured an intense battle between Nicholas and Mikaela. The event took place at the Ingalls Rink at Yale University on December 20, 2014.

Nicholas and Mikaela, two highly skilled dancers, showcased their talents in the Invitational Strictly category, which requires partners to perform a choreographed routine without any prior preparation or discussion. This category tests the dancers' abilities to adapt to each other's movements and work harmoniously as a team.


Both Nicholas and Mikaela demonstrated exceptional dance techniques and chemistry on the dance floor. Their synchronicity and coordination were impeccable, as they seamlessly glided across the floor in perfect harmony.

The Snowball 2014 was an important event for both dancers, as they had previously achieved significant success in the dance world. Nicholas, a seasoned dancer with multiple accolades under his belt, had won several regional and national competitions in his career. Mikaela, on the other hand, was a rising star in the world of ballroom dance, with an impressive portfolio of performances at prestigious events.

The Snowball 2014 proved to be a tough competition for both dancers, as they were up against several other talented couples. Each couple was judged on their technique, musicality, teamwork, and overall stage presence.