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The Snowball 2013 - Jack and Jill Spotlights

The annual Snowball event, known for its extravagant parties and charity fundraising, will be held this year on December 15th. The event, organized by Jack and Jill Spotlights, is expected to be the biggest and most glamorous yet, attracting celebrities and philanthropists from all over.

Jack and Jill Spotlights is a non-profit organization that aims to support children's hospitals and raise awareness about childhood illnesses. Their flagship event, the Snowball, has been a highlight of the holiday season for the past five years. Each year, the event raises millions of dollars for various causes related to children's health.


The Snowball 2013 will take place at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel, known for its stunning views and top-notch service. The event will feature live music, dancing, and a silent auction, where attendees can bid on exclusive items and experiences. All proceeds from the Snowball will go directly to children's hospitals, providing much-needed funds for medical equipment, research, and patient care.

This year, Jack and Jill Spotlights have partnered with several high-profile sponsors, including fashion brands, luxury car companies, and prominent celebrities. These partnerships will not only enhance the Snowball's reputation but also help attract a larger audience and raise even more money for the cause.