The Thrilling Semifinals Showdown: Lindy Hop Extravaganza at Herrang Dance Camp 2015


The article discusses the Lindy Hop competition that took place at the Herrang Dance Camp in 2015. The focus is on the second semifinal round of the competition.

The Herrang Dance Camp is a popular event for dancers from all over the world who gather in Herrang, Sweden, to learn, dance, and compete in various dance styles. One of the highlights of the camp is the Lindy Hop competition.

The Lindy Hop is a swing dance style that originated in Harlem, New York, in the 1920s and 30s. It is known for its energetic and improvisational movements, and has gained popularity worldwide.


The semifinals of the Lindy Hop competition at the Herrang Dance Camp are highly anticipated by both participants and spectators. The second round of the semifinals in 2015 was particularly exciting.

The article provides a detailed description of the performances in the second semifinal round. The dancers showcased their skills and creativity in their routines, captivating the audience with their moves and passion for the dance.

Each couple performed a routine that lasted about two minutes. The routines were filled with impressive lifts, spins, and intricate footwork. The dancers displayed a deep understanding of the Lindy Hop style, incorporating classic moves and adding their own personal flair.