Babylon Bomonti's Sunday Night Groove: A Crossover Experience in Istanbul's Vibrant Music Scene


The article discusses the upcoming Sunday Night Jam at Babylon Bomonti, which is a part of the Crossover Istanbul 2016 event. The event is a jam session where musicians from different genres come together to perform their own compositions and create an improvised experience for the audience. The aim of the event is to promote collaboration and experimentation among local artists.

The Sunday Night Jam is an important part of the Crossover Istanbul festival, which is an annual event that celebrates the diversity of music in Istanbul. The festival brings together musicians from various genres, including jazz, rock, folk, electronic, and world music, and provides a platform for them to showcase their talents and collaborate with each other.


The event will take place at the legendary Babylon Bomonti venue, which has been a hub for music lovers in Istanbul for many years. The venue is known for its unique atmosphere and has hosted numerous renowned local and international artists.

The Sunday Night Jam will feature performances from a diverse lineup of musicians, including well-known artists and rising stars. The musicians will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and interact with each other on stage, creating a unique musical experience for the audience.

Overall, the Sunday Night Jam at Babylon Bomonti is a highlight of the Crossover Istanbul festival. It showcases the talent and diversity of Istanbul's music scene and provides a platform for musicians to collaborate and experiment. Music lovers can look forward to an evening of exciting performances and unexpected musical combinations.