Jaw-dropping Moves: Harlem Hot Shots Set The Stage On Fire at Crossover Istanbul 2016


The article discusses the participation of the Harlem Hot Shots in the Crossover Istanbul 2016 event. The dance group from Sweden showcased their talent in Lindy Hop, an African American dance style from the 1920s. The Harlem Hot Shots enthralled the audience with their energetic and captivating performance.

The Crossover Istanbul 2016 event was held in Istanbul and focused on various forms of street dance. It aimed to create a platform for dancers from different backgrounds and styles to come together and exchange ideas. The Harlem Hot Shots were invited to represent the Lindy Hop style, which they did in an extraordinary manner.


The Harlem Hot Shots are considered one of the most prominent Lindy Hop dance groups in the world. They have won numerous awards and have performed in several countries. Their performances are known for their high energy, precise footwork, and joyful spirit.

The article also highlights the impact of Lindy Hop on popular culture and mentions some iconic Lindy Hop scenes from classic Hollywood movies. The dance form gained popularity in the 1930s and 1940s and has remained an influential style ever since.

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