Educators' Groove - Unleashing the Power of Teaching in RTSF 2017 Teacher's Jam


The article discusses the "RTSF 2017 - Teacher's Jam," an event aimed at empowering teachers with knowledge and skills related to technology in education. The event was organized by Room to Read, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving literacy and gender equality in education.

The Teacher's Jam was held in Bengaluru, India, and brought together teachers from various public and private schools in the region. The theme of the event was "Technology Integration in Education," focussing on the effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences.


The event kicked off with an inspiring speech by Sameer Sawarkar, co-founder and CEO of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) firm, NeuroLeap. Sawarkar emphasized the importance of incorporating technology into education, stating that it can significantly impact student engagement, understanding, and retention.

Following the keynote speech, the teachers participated in several interactive sessions and workshops facilitated by experts in the field. These sessions covered a range of topics, including digital storytelling, coding, using virtual reality in the classroom, and strategies for creating interactive and engaging learning experiences.

In conclusion, the RTSF 2017 - Teacher's Jam provided teachers with the knowledge and skills required to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. The event emphasized the importance of technology in improving student engagement and understanding and provided teachers with valuable resources and support to implement these strategies in their classrooms.