Festive Frostball 2020 - By Invitation Only - Elsa & Luna


The Snowball 2014 was an exclusive event called Strictly Invitational that featured a performance by Skye and Frida. The event took place in 2014 and was a spectacular evening filled with dancing and entertainment.

Skye and Frida are world-renowned dancers who have gained fame for their incredible performances. They have won numerous awards and have captivated audiences all over the world. The Snowball 2014 was a chance for them to showcase their talents to an exclusive group of individuals.

The event, Strictly Invitational, was an invitation-only event where only a select few were invited to attend. The purpose of this event was to bring together a group of elite individuals who have a passion for dance. The Snowball 2014 aimed to celebrate the art of dance and provide a platform for talented dancers like Skye and Frida to showcase their skills.


The event was held in a grand ballroom, which was transformed into a magical setting for the evening. The room was decorated with sparkling lights and elegant decorations, creating a glamourous ambiance. The stage was set up at the center of the ballroom, ensuring that everyone had a great view of the performances.

The Snowball 2014 was not just about Skye and Frida's performances. The event also featured other talented dancers who showcased their skills and entertained the audience. The evening was a celebration of dance in all its forms and brought together an elite group of individuals who share a love for this art form.