Champions of the Floor: Ben Morris and Melissa Rutz, Dazzling Classic Routine at Boogie by the Bay


Ben Morris and Melissa Rutz took first place in the Classic Routine category at the 2012 Boogie by the Bay event. Their performance was outstanding, and they wowed the audience with their exceptional skills and synchronization.

The routine performed by Ben Morris and Melissa Rutz at the 2012 Boogie by the Bay event was truly remarkable. Their dedication and hard work clearly paid off as they were crowned the winners in the Classic Routine category.

The competition, held at Boogie by the Bay, is renowned for showcasing the best of swing dancing talent. Participants gather from all over to display their skills and take home the coveted first place title.


Morris and Rutz's routine was nothing short of spectacular. Their chemistry on the dance floor was evident from the start, as they seamlessly moved together in perfect harmony. Their movements were fluid and precise, demonstrating their mastery of the dance style.

Throughout their performance, the duo showcased a variety of intricate dance moves, each executed flawlessly. Their timing was impeccable, and they effortlessly transitioned between different dance patterns and rhythms. The audience was captivated by their skills and couldn't help but be amazed at their abilities.

Not only were their technical abilities impressive, but Morris and Rutz also brought a sense of joy and passion to their performance.


Their energy filled the room, and it was clear that they truly loved what they were doing. The audience couldn't help but be swept up in their enthusiasm and infectious happiness.

The judges were blown away by their routine and unanimously agreed that they were the clear winners of the Classic Routine category. Their dedication to their craft was evident in every move they made, and they truly deserved the recognition they received.

Ben Morris and Melissa Rutz's first-place win in the Classic Routine category at the 2012 Boogie by the Bay event was a testament to their exceptional talent and hard work. Their performance was a crowd-pleaser, leaving the audience in awe of their skills and passion for dance. The competition was fierce, but they stood out from the rest with their flawless execution and undeniable chemistry. They truly deserve to be celebrated for their remarkable achievement.