Atlanta Swing Classic 2017 Open Strictly: Remarkable 2nd Place Victory by Robert Royston & Victoria Henk


In the Atlanta Swing Classic 2017, Robert Royston and Victoria Henk secured second place in the Open Strictly category. The article highlights their exceptional performance and success in this prestigious swing dance competition.

Robert Royston and Victoria Henk, renowned swing dance partners, participated in the Atlanta Swing Classic 2017 and achieved remarkable success in the Open Strictly event. With their exceptional skills and synchronized moves, they secured the second position in this highly competitive category.

The Atlanta Swing Classic is an annual swing dance competition that attracts top dancers from around the world.


It provides a platform for dancers to showcase their talent and compete against the best in the industry. This year's event witnessed an unprecedented level of talent and expertise, making the competition even tougher.

Royston and Henk, known for their outstanding performance and chemistry on the dance floor, delivered a captivating routine that caught the attention of both the judges and the audience. Their powerful and expressive dance moves combined with their exceptional technique left a lasting impression on everyone present.

The Open Strictly category requires couples to perform an improvised routine to a randomly chosen song, testing their adaptability and creativity on the spot.


Royston and Henk flawlessly executed their routine, seamlessly transitioning from one move to the next, showcasing their ability to interpret the music and connect with each other in a fluid and effortless manner.

The judges were particularly impressed with their impeccable timing and synchronization. Their energy and passion were palpable throughout the performance, captivating the spectators and earning them a well-deserved standing ovation.

Both Royston and Henk have extensive experience in the swing dance community and are highly respected for their exceptional talent and contribution to the art form.


They have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades throughout their careers and continue to be an inspiration to aspiring swing dancers around the world.

Their success at the Atlanta Swing Classic 2017 highlights their dedication and commitment to their craft. It is a testament to their hard work and passion for swing dancing.

As the competition came to a close, Royston and Henk were presented with the second-place trophy, solidifying their position as one of the top swing dance couples in the world. Thrilled with their achievement, they expressed their gratitude to the organizers, judges, and fellow dancers for making the event a memorable one.


Overall, Robert Royston and Victoria Henk's second-place finish in the Open Strictly category at the Atlanta Swing Classic 2017 is a testament to their exceptional talent, dedication, and immense contribution to the swing dance community. Their performance was a true representation of the beauty and artistry of swing dancing, leaving an enduring impact on all who witnessed it.