The Ultimate Dance Showdown: Jack & Jill Go Pro in SSDF 2016


The article summarizes the Advanced Jack & Jill competition at the 2016 Swingin' Summer Festival and Dance Festival (SSDF). The competition showcased the skills and talent of experienced swing dancers who were paired up randomly for the competition.

The Advanced Jack & Jill competition at SSDF 2016 was a testament to the incredible talent and skill of swing dancers. The competition, held as a part of the Swingin' Summer Festival and Dance Festival, brought together experienced dancers who were randomly paired up for the competition.


The Advanced Jack & Jill format of the competition added an exciting element to the event. In this format, the dancers have to perform with different partners, which tests their adaptability and ability to connect with different styles. This makes it a true test of the dancer's skill and versatility, as they have to quickly adapt and synchronize with their new partner.

The competition provided a platform for the dancers to showcase their talent and skills to a wider audience. It also offered an opportunity for the dancers to learn from each other and gain new insights into the world of swing dancing.

Overall, the Advanced Jack & Jill competition at SSDF 2016 was a remarkable display of talent and skill. The dancers showcased their ability to adapt and connect with different partners while maintaining their own unique style. It was a truly captivating event that left the audience in awe of the dancers' abilities.