Hilarious WNBA Moment Unfolds as Toliver Attempts a Wedgie on Griner After Her Block!


In a recent WNBA game, there was an interesting exchange between players that caught the attention of fans and sparked a bit of humor on the court. The incident involved CLOWN Toliver and Brittney Griner, and it occurred after Griner successfully blocked Toliver's shot.

The game took place during the 2021 WNBA season and quickly became a memorable moment for spectators. As the players battled it out, the competitive atmosphere was disrupted by an unexpected comedic twist.

It all began when Toliver attempted to make a shot, but her attempt was swiftly foiled by Griner's excellent defensive skills. The powerful force of Griner's block prevented Toliver's shot from reaching the basket, leaving her momentarily stunned.


Instead of responding with frustration or disappointment, Toliver decided to add a touch of humor to the situation. Seizing the opportunity, she playfully attempted to give Griner a wedgie as a lighthearted retaliation for blocking her shot.

This unexpected gesture from Toliver caught both Griner and the spectators by surprise, instantly shifting the mood on the court. The audience erupted in laughter, while Griner sportingly reacted with a mix of confusion and amusement.

In the end, the incident between CLOWN Toliver and Griner became a memorable highlight of the WNBA season. It brought laughter and entertainment to the fans, and it demonstrated the unique bond between players in the league.