Travis Scott Reveals the Hypnotic Shade of Kylie Jenner's Mesmerizing Eyes 🦋 #shorts

Travis Scott, the famous rapper and former partner of Kylie Jenner, recently shared his thoughts on the color of Kylie's eyes. In a short video clip, Scott mentions Kylie's eye color while referring to her as a butterfly emoji, symbolizing her beauty and grace.

The video, which was part of the #shorts series on YouTube, showcased Travis Scott answering random questions. When asked about Kylie's eye color, Scott responded by describing them as "butterfly eyes." This comment immediately caught the attention of fans and sparked intrigue regarding the actual color of Kylie's eyes.

While Kylie Jenner is renowned for her stunning beauty and ever-changing hairstyles, her eye color has remained somewhat mysterious. In most photographs and public appearances, she is seen sporting various shades of colored contact lenses, which has created an air of uncertainty around her actual eye color.

Travis Scott's reference to Kylie's eyes as "butterfly eyes" further added to the mystique surrounding her true eye color. The butterfly emoji he used in his response represented elegance, transformation, and ethereal beauty – qualities often associated with butterflies.

Fans have long debated the actual eye color of the makeup mogul. Speculations range from blue to green to hazel, with some suggesting that she may have heterochromia, a condition where both eyes have different colors. However, due to Kylie's frequent use of colored contacts, it has become nearly impossible to discern her natural eye color.

Travis Scott's comment also led to the speculation that the rapper may have a deeper meaning behind his words. Some fans believe that "butterfly eyes" is symbolic of the transformation and growth that has occurred in Kylie's life, both personally and professionally, since they ended their relationship.

Additionally, the butterfly has been a significant symbol in Kylie's life, having inspired her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics, and her daughter Stormi's name. This connection further fueled theories that Travis Scott's reference to Kylie's eyes may carry a hidden message about their past relationship or their daughter.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding Kylie Jenner's eye color, one thing remains certain – her eyes have captivated the imagination and fascination of millions. Travis Scott's mention of her eyes as "butterfly eyes" only adds to the allure, leaving fans eagerly anticipating any further revelations about Kylie's mesmerizing gaze.