Classroom Makeover Day 5: Behind the Scenes with a 2nd Grade Teacher

This vlog documents a teacher's fifth day of setting up their classroom for the new school year. The teacher is preparing their space specifically for a second-grade class.

The video begins with the teacher explaining that they have already completed most of the basic classroom set up, such as arranging desks and organizing supplies. Now, they are focusing on adding finishing touches and personalizing the space to create a welcoming and engaging environment for their students.

The teacher starts by decorating the bulletin boards with colorful borders and background paper. They plan to display student work and educational posters that will support the curriculum throughout the year. The teacher also mentions that they will rotate these displays periodically to keep the classroom fresh and interesting.

Next, the teacher shows the classroom library area, which they have organized by genre and reading level. They explain that they have added new books to the collection and have labeled them using a labeling system that includes reading levels and genres. Additionally, the teacher has created cozy reading areas within the classroom, complete with comfortable seating options and cushions.

The vlog then moves to the teacher's desk area, where they discuss the importance of having an organized and efficient workspace. The teacher has created a system for storing and sorting important documents and materials, such as lesson plans and grading materials. They express their excitement about utilizing this well-organized space to effectively plan and assess their students' progress.

Lastly, the teacher shares their plans for creating a positive and encouraging classroom culture. They have set up a display board to highlight student achievements and are in the process of creating a behavior management system that focuses on positive reinforcement. The teacher emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically and emotionally.

In conclusion, this vlog captures a second-grade teacher's fifth day of setting up their classroom. The teacher highlights the importance of personalizing the space, organizing materials, and creating an engaging atmosphere for their students. They discuss their efforts in decorating bulletin boards, organizing the classroom library, setting up an efficient workspace, and fostering a positive classroom culture.