D-Townswing 2019: Dominating as Champions - Jordan Frisbee & Torri Zzaoui in Jack&Jill


Jordan Frisbee and Torri Zzaoui emerged as the champions of the Jack and Jill dance competition held at the D-Townswing 2019 event. The competition, one of the highlights of the event, showcased the skills and talent of dancers from around the world.

Frisbee and Zzaoui, both renowned dancers in the swing dancing community, displayed their exceptional abilities and chemistry on the dance floor, stunning both the judges and the audience. Their performance was a perfect blend of intricate footwork, synchronized movements, and captivating energy.

The Jack and Jill competition is a unique category where partners are randomly assigned, testing the dancers' adaptability and skill in partnering with someone they may have never danced with before. It requires not only technical expertise but also the ability to connect and communicate with their partner to create a seamless dance routine.