Thibault and Nicole Ramirez Showcase: "A Scarcity of Blooms" - Premier ProShow Routine at Budafest 2022


"Running Out of Roses" was the ProShow lead and follow performance by Thibault Ramirez and Nicole Ramirez at Budafest 2022. The couple showcased their incredible dance skills through this captivating routine.

Thibault Ramirez and Nicole Ramirez are known for their expertise in ProShow lead and follow dancing. They displayed their exceptional talent and synchronization in this performance. The title, "Running Out of Roses," suggests that their routine was intense and passionate, leaving the audience in awe.

Budafest 2022 provided the perfect platform for Thibault and Nicole Ramirez to showcase their skills. The event attracts dancers, performers, and dance enthusiasts from all over the world. This performance was undoubtedly a highlight of the festival.