Chicago Classic 2018: Showcasing the Dynamic Dance Duo - Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch


Chicago Classic 2018 Showcase featured the impressive dance performance by renowned dancers Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch. The event was a grand platform for these talented artists to showcase their skills and entertain the audience.

Benji Schwimmer, who won the second season of the popular show "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2006, mesmerized the crowd with his incredible dance moves. He showcased his versatility by performing various dance styles including swing, contemporary, and ballroom. His technique, precision, and energy left the audience in awe.

Nicole Clonch, a highly accomplished dancer and choreographer, captivated the audience with her graceful and elegant performances.


Her expertise in ballroom dance forms such as waltz, tango, and foxtrot was evident in her flawless execution and expression. Her chemistry with Benji Schwimmer was undeniable, and together they created magic on the dance floor.

The Chicago Classic 2018 Showcase was a melting pot of talent, as many other skilled dancers also showcased their artistry. The event provided a platform for participants to compete and perform in various dance categories. From Latin to rhythm, the showcase highlighted the diversity of dance and allowed dancers to push their boundaries.

The audience was treated to a dance extravaganza, where the dancers not only displayed their technical prowess but also their ability to connect with the audience emotionally.


Each performance was a unique expression of art that transported the audience to a different world.

Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch's performance was undoubtedly the highlight of the Chicago Classic 2018 Showcase. Their chemistry and synchronization mesmerized the audience and left a lasting impression. The duo's passion and talent brought a new level of energy and excitement to the event.

The Chicago Classic 2018 Showcase was a celebration of dance, talent, and passion. It brought together some of the best dancers in the industry and provided a platform for them to shine. Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch's performance was a testament to their skill, dedication, and love for dance.

Overall, the Chicago Classic 2018 Showcase was a grand success, leaving the audience wanting more. It showcased the power of dance to entertain, inspire, and connect people. Benji Schwimmer and Nicole Clonch's performance will be remembered as a standout moment in this remarkable event.