D-Townswing 2019: PJ Turner and Victoria Henk Dominate the Stage as Jack & Jill Champions


PJ Turner and Victoria Henk emerged as the champions of the Jack and Jill competition at the D-Townswing 2019 event. The competition was held in Dallas and saw talented dancers from across the country participate.

The Jack and Jill competition is a unique event where dancers are randomly paired up and perform a routine without any prior preparation. This challenges the dancers to quickly adapt to their partner's style and showcase their skills on the dance floor. Turner and Henk stood out from the competition with their exceptional chemistry and flawless execution.

Both Turner and Henk have been actively involved in the swing dance community and have been competing for several years. Their passion for the dance and dedication to their craft shone through in their performance, earning them the well-deserved title of champions.

The D-Townswing event attracted a large number of talented dancers who showcased their skills in various categories. However, it was Turner and Henk's exceptional performance in the Jack and Jill competition that stole the show.