Dynamic Duet: Agnieszka and Grzegorz Master the Art of RTSF 2017


Agnieszka & Grzegorz, a couple from Poland, have won the 2017 Real Time Strategy Festival (RTSF). The competition, held in Warsaw, Poland, is a popular event among gamers and RTS enthusiasts from around the world. Agnieszka and Grzegorz took home the coveted first place trophy and a cash prize of $50,000.

The Real Time Strategy Festival is an annual event that celebrates the strategic thinking and skills required in real-time strategy games. Participants compete in a variety of RTS games, including popular titles such as StarCraft II, Age of Empires, and Command & Conquer.


Agnieszka and Grzegorz, both avid gamers, have been playing RTS games for several years. They decided to participate in the RTSF after hearing about it from friends and fellow gamers. It took them months of practice and preparation to master the various games and strategies needed to be successful in the competition.

The couple's hard work paid off when they defeated more than 200 other teams to claim the top spot. Their impressive performance and ability to adapt to different game scenarios impressed both the judges and spectators. Agnieszka and Grzegorz credited their success to their strong teamwork and communication skills.

The 2017 RTSF concluded with a grand award ceremony where Agnieszka and Grzegorz were presented with their trophy and cash prize. The event ended on a high note, leaving participants and spectators eagerly anticipating next year's festival.