Deadly Groove: The Menace of Killer Boogie


RTSF 2019 – Killer Boogie

The much-awaited event, Rock the Stage Festival (RTSF) 2019, is all set to showcase the mesmerizing performance of the renowned band, Killer Boogie. With their distinctive style and energetic stage presence, Killer Boogie promises to bring the house down at this year's festival.

RTSF is an annual music festival that attracts music lovers from all corners of the world. It is renowned for bringing together some of the best bands and musicians to create an unforgettable experience for the audience. This year, RTSF aims to take the festival to new heights with the inclusion of Killer Boogie in their artist lineup.


Killer Boogie, an Italian band formed in 2010, is known for their unique blend of vintage rock and roll infused with elements of blues and boogie-woogie. Their music has garnered a strong following worldwide, and fans have eagerly awaited their performances at various music festivals. RTSF 2019 is proud to have secured the band's participation, ensuring an unforgettable experience for attendees.

In conclusion, RTSF 2019 is all set to present an extraordinary performance by the renowned band Killer Boogie. The festival aims to bring music lovers together and provide an unforgettable experience for attendees. With their unique blend of vintage rock and roll, blues, and boogie-woogie, Killer Boogie guarantees an energetic and captivating show. This year's festival promises to be the biggest and most successful yet, with the inclusion of Killer Boogie in the lineup. Fans can look forward to an exceptional performance, featuring a mix of classic hits and new tracks.