Spontaneous West Coast Swing: The Dynamic Duo - Ben Morris & Tatiana Mollmann


Ben Morris and Tatiana Mollmann are revolutionizing the world of West Coast Swing with their unique approach - Improv West Coast Swing. In this article, we will explore how they are changing the game and bringing a fresh perspective to the dance.

West Coast Swing is a partner dance that originated in the United States in the 1940s. It is known for its smooth and playful style and is popular among social dancers and competitors alike. However, Morris and Mollmann have taken this dance to a whole new level by introducing improvisation into the mix.

Improv West Coast Swing is all about spontaneity and creativity.


Unlike traditional West Coast Swing, where dancers follow a choreographed routine, Morris and Mollmann encourage dancers to think on their feet and create moves on the spot. This gives the dance a sense of freshness and excitement, as no two dances are ever the same.

The duo believes that improvisation adds a personal touch to West Coast Swing. It allows dancers to express themselves fully and connect with their partner in a unique way. By relinquishing control and embracing the unknown, dancers can tap into their true potential and create magic on the dance floor.

Morris and Mollmann have been champions in the West Coast Swing community for years.


They have won numerous competitions and are respected for their technical skill and artistry. However, they felt that the dance was becoming too predictable and repetitive. They wanted to break free from the confines of set moves and explore the limitless possibilities of improvisation.

To promote Improv West Coast Swing, they have been conducting workshops and masterclasses all over the world. They teach dancers how to listen to the music, anticipate their partner's movements, and trust their instincts. They also emphasize the importance of connection and communication between dancers, as this is crucial for successful improvisation.


The response to Improv West Coast Swing has been overwhelming. Dancers from all backgrounds and skill levels have embraced the concept and have been incorporating it into their own routines. The dance community is buzzing with excitement, and many are looking forward to seeing how the dance evolves with this new approach.

Ben Morris and Tatiana Mollmann have truly revolutionized West Coast Swing with their groundbreaking concept of Improv West Coast Swing. They have breathed new life into the dance and sparked a sense of creativity and spontaneity among dancers. With their passion and dedication, they are sure to continue pushing the boundaries of this beautiful dance form.