The Dynamic Duo Exemplifying Excellence: Chandrae and Stephen's RTSF 2017 Journey


Chandrae and Stephen are the Winners of the 2017 Remote, Temporary, and Self-Employed Freelancer of the Year Award

Chandrae and Stephen, two young and talented individuals, have emerged as the winners of the prestigious Remote, Temporary, and Self-Employed Freelancer of the Year Award in 2017. This accolade recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions made by freelancers in their respective industries.

Chandrae, a gifted graphic designer and marketer, has exhibited exemplary skills and expertise in her field.


Her ability to create visually appealing designs and effectively communicate the brand messages for her clients has earned her this esteemed recognition. Chandrae's dedication to her craft and commitment to delivering exceptional results has set her apart from her peers.

Stephen, on the other hand, is a highly skilled translator and content writer. His linguistic prowess and attention to detail have enabled him to provide accurate and compelling translations for a variety of clients. Stephen's ability to transform complex ideas into coherent and engaging content has garnered him widespread praise and admiration.