Inside Look: Touring a 2nd Grade Classroom with Madison Campbell for 2021

Madison Campbell, a 2nd-grade teacher, has recently shared a tour of her classroom for the year 2021. In this video, she takes us through her classroom setup, highlighting various areas and resources that she has prepared for her students.

The video begins with Madison greeting her viewers and expressing her excitement for the new school year. She explains that she has made some changes to her classroom arrangement to accommodate the safety guidelines due to the ongoing pandemic. Madison emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming and organized environment for her students.

As the tour progresses, Madison showcases her classroom library, which is filled with a wide variety of books. She explains that she has carefully selected books that align with the 2nd-grade curriculum and cater to different reading levels and interests. Madison believes that a well-stocked library encourages reading and fosters a love for books among her students.

Next, Madison introduces her classroom's math and science area. She has set up a dedicated space where students can engage in hands-on activities related to these subjects. She demonstrates various manipulatives such as counting blocks, measuring tools, and science experiments that her students will be able to explore throughout the year.

Moving on, Madison highlights the technology corner of her classroom. She has incorporated laptops and tablets to enhance learning through interactive programs and educational games. Madison believes that integrating technology into her teaching approach helps to keep her students engaged and promotes digital literacy skills.

Madison also emphasizes the importance of providing a comfortable and cozy space for her students. She has created a reading nook and a designated area for quiet time and reflection. Soft cushions, rugs, and bean bags make this space inviting and conducive to relaxation and independent reading.

Throughout the tour, Madison constantly emphasizes the safety precautions taken due to the pandemic. She shows the sanitizing stations, face mask dispensers, and individual student supply containers, underscoring the commitment to ensuring a healthy and secure learning environment.

In conclusion, Madison Campbell's classroom tour for the year 2021 showcases her dedication to creating a welcoming and organized space for her 2nd-grade students. From the well-stocked library to the math and science area, as well as the integration of technology, Madison has carefully designed her classroom to engage and inspire her students. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, Madison has taken every necessary measure to prioritize the safety and well-being of her students.