Champion Couple at Midland Swing Open 2022 - James Bartlett and Lauren Jones


James Bartlett and Lauren Jones emerged as the winners of the Strictly Open Finals at the Midland Swing Open 2022. The talented pair demonstrated their exceptional skills and dance moves, securing the first-place position in the competition. This victory marks a significant achievement for Bartlett and Jones, highlighting their dedication and expertise in the world of swing dancing.

The Midland Swing Open 2022 event featured a highly competitive atmosphere, with numerous skilled dancers vying for the top spot. However, Bartlett and Jones's exceptional routine managed to captivate the judges and audience alike, earning them the well-deserved victory. Their performance showcased a seamless combination of intricate footwork, synchronized movements, and engaging choreography.

Overall, James Bartlett and Lauren Jones's triumph in the Strictly Open Finals at the Midland Swing Open 2022 is a reflection of their talent and dedication. It serves as an inspiration to aspiring swing dancers and a reminder of the beauty and artistry of this exhilarating dance form.