Runners Up: Megan Smith & Jared Johnson - Champions of Strictly Open Division at NeverlandSwing 2023


YoungWan Kim and Yuna Ma emerged victorious in the Strictly Open Finals at the NeverlandSwing 2023 competition, claiming first place. The event showcased incredible talent and fierce competition as dancers from around the world came together to vie for the coveted title.

The competition took place at NeverlandSwing, a renowned dance event that attracts top dancers and enthusiasts alike. This year's edition proved to be no different, as dancers showcased their skills and pushed themselves to new heights.

YoungWan Kim and Yuna Ma's performance stood out among the rest, impressing both the judges and the audience with their impeccable technique, synchronicity, and artistic flair. Their routine demonstrated their deep understanding of the music and their ability to captivate the audience with their movements.